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Meet Our Property Management Team

Meet our Professional Property Management Team

Jessica McKeehan
Property Manager
License #:02077699
Office: (661) 822-5553 x232
Jennie Settelmeyer
Property Management Assistant
Office: (661) 822-5553
Nicole Niceley
Realtor® Associate
License #:02181590
Cell: 661-972-0709
Office: 661-822-5553
Sonia Collier
Realtor® Associate
License #:01864153
Office: 661-822-5553
Barbie Tomkinson
Realtor® Associate
License #:01722948
Cell: 661-433-4649
Office: 661-822-5553
Haley Hurt
Realtor® Associate
License #:02160474
Cell: 661-557-5300
Office: 661-822-5553
The Coldwell Banker Best Realty property management team will help you protect your investment, maximize profits, and reduce the stress and liabilities of property management.